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At GOT YOU COVER, we hear stories from individuals of all ages and genders who have been affected by challenges such as homelessness, hunger, poverty, and addiction. Despite the difficulties they face, our organization offers a welcoming environment where they can receive support, empathy, and optimism. Through our services, individuals can find the assistance they need to overcome their struggles and move towards a brighter future.

Here at GOT YOU COVERED (GYC) we like to share stories of brothers and sisters that work with GOT YOU COVERED and have overcame homelessness and drug addiction. We believe that our hardships that we have overcome has equipped us better to be able to hit the streets and be effective when we are trying to help our brothers and sisters. However we do need to hear stories of inspiration and compassion as we all work together .

I’m not glorifying anything that I mentioned. Before I came to City team I was a career criminal, addicted to drugs, and homeless. For about 3 years straight I committed at least two to three felonies every single day. I did that because I was addicted to drugs. I was addicted to the lifestyle. And I was homeless. So I was in what I call survival mode. Survival mode for me means I am going to get money about five different ways that are illegal so I could do drugs and get a hotel.
Prop 47 and covid-19 protocol ( $0 bail) is a career criminal dream. This means I can commit crimes that used to be felonies, and if I get caught I only get a misdemeanor (prop 47) and covid-19 protocol ( $0 bail)means I no longer go to jail when I get caught doing any kind of crimes . I just get a court date like 3 months later and of course I’m not gonna show up .
By time everything caught up to me and I exhausted all opportunities to stay out of jail under COVID 19 ($0 bail) protocol. April 27 2022 I had 6 cases in Santa Clara County and 43 charges.
I was offered 7 years.
I was offered an opportunity to go to a program vs prison because I was a drug addict.
I took a deal. So I plead out to 23 charges, most of them felonies.
They gave me 2 years 8 months, must graduate City team. My release date is August 17th 2023.


So now I have had the opportunity to come to City team. Best opportunity of my life. Before I came to City team I did not believe that I was not spiritual. To be honest when I was accepted to City team I wasn’t excited because I heard it was faith based.
What I did do is keep my eyes and ears open and participated in the classes. And while doing that I have surrender to God and I just got baptized about a month ago because I truly understood the ceremony behind the baptism. When I went under the water I left the old person and came up a new person. My life has changed dramatically in a positive direction. I fellowship and not just one fellowship I have City team fellowship, I have Echo Church fellowship, and I have knuckleheads fellowship which is the AA group. All of this is by the grace of God I believe that God has led me to City team so I could build a relationship with him, finally for the first time in my life.


When I graduate I am going to stay connected to fellowships. Graduating City team is barely the beginning of a step in the right direction. With the tools that I have equipped myself that city team has coached me to obtain and know how to use these new tools for a successful life. Our success stories of how we changed our life also is a testimony that shows everyone that we can recover from homelessness, drugs, and criminal behavior.
I have also realized that each and every one of us are miracles. Everything that has been given to us to recover and change our lives was free. And this is why I have been inspired to start my nonprofit called GOT YOU COVERED.
City team has given me the inspiration and the tools to focus on what I really want to do. And that is why I started this organization to do outreach with homelessness. Hope to work with City team and many more organizations and churches to really make a difference in our homelessness community. All of this is by the grace of God, all glory is God’s, and if he want it to prosper then GOT YOU COVERED will be successful. God first and service 2nd.
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